The Alma Matters Campaign

Help us build a pipeline from PCS to your alma mater.

  • $100,000
  • $80,000
  • $60,000
  • $40,000
  • $20,000
  • $100k
  • $80k
  • $60k
  • $40k
  • $20k
  • $100,000
  • $80,000
  • $60,000
  • $40,000
  • $20,000
  • $100k
  • $80k
  • $60k
  • $40k
  • $20k

Every student in the junior squash league and our urban squash program “Rally Portland” is on a path to college. In light of this, PCS is dedicated to covering our facility with imagery of the colleges our students will one day attend. When our students look up at your school’s plaque, banner, and court, they’ll know that college is waiting for them and that every staff member, volunteer and contributor will do everything possible to get them there.

Hit Fundraising Goals to:

  • Frame your alma mater’s plaque on the Alma Matters Wall of Fame.
  • Hang your alma mater’s banner down the corridor between the courts.
  • Secure an annual program visit to your alma mater’s campus.
  • Name a classroom after your alma mater.
  • Name a court after your alma mater.
  • Name the facility after a legendary coach from your alma mater.
  • $10,000 Plaque
  • $25,000 Plaque + Banner
  • $50,000 Plaque + Banner + Campus Visit
  • $75,000 Plaque + Banner + Campus Visit + Name a Classroom
  • $100,000 Plaque + Banner + Campus Visit + Name a Court
  • $500,000 Plaque + Banner + Campus Visit + Name a Court + Name the Facility

PCS is pioneering the community squash model to change the way squash is accessed, perceived, and enjoyed in this country. Our model can be successful in emerging squash cities across the country, but it has to be successful in Portland first. Lets leverage the strength of our communities to inspire the next generation of student athletes. Contact to join your teammates in supporting the community squash movement.

Our Mission

Portland Community Squash unites diverse communities, promotes healthy living, and creates educational opportunities for students in need. We use walls to break through walls.

  • Make squash available to everyone
  • Build a diverse and hardworking community
  • Create educational opportunities for Maine students

For the full story, download our slide deck (pdf).

  • Barrett Takesian, President
  • Sandy Spaulding, Chairman
  • Amy Ford - Treasurer
  • Greg Born
  • Bob Gould
  • Teddy Stoecklein
  • Marion Freeman
  • Andrew Emmons
  • Adam Edwards

Rally Portland

Portland Community Squash plans to join the National Urban Squash and Education Association (NUSEA). Our program will be called Rally Portland, and it is specifically devoted to helping students from King Middle School and Portland High School. Through tutoring, mentoring, and of course teaching them the game of squash, our focus is on helping our students enter and graduate from college. To date, NUSEA programs have a 93% college graduation rate.

Squash Leagues


Currently, there is one college squash position for every high school position in the U.S., making squash an unparalleled recruitment path to top universities. Portland Community Squash will provide coaching and guidance to junior players from all over Greater Portland. Our junior leagues will run year round, giving students a chance to practice on a team during the week and play matches and national tournaments on the weekend.


Currently, Portland has over 200 active squash players, most of whom compete in two leagues at the YMCA, on just two courts. Our new facility will allow for more leagues servicing all skill levels.


Portland Community Squash will be a high-end membership experience, at an affordable, non-exclusive rate—with full access to our courts, gym, and lockerooms. Memberships support the operating expenses of the facility and help offset the fundraising needs of our youth programs.

To become a member, click here. Or to learn more about membership, download the Membership Offering pdf.

Get Involved

It takes a community, and a few moons to align, too. And that’s exactly what’s happening. We’re proud to announce our plans for construction, with a goal of opening in early 2016. While membership fees will help offset the cost of operating our facility, you do not need to be a member to be involved. From donating funds to our Rally Portland urban squash program, to volunteering your time as a tutor or mentor, there are many opportunities to help us realize our goals. For more information about getting involved, email Barrett at, or to make a donation, click on the button below.

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Follow Us

You can follow our progress as we build our magnificent new facility in Portland’s Bayside neighborhood. Check back here for news and milestones, or sign up for our mailing list by contacting Barrett at: